If I’m not around it is because the little plants down there need rain to grow taller and taller... ...Sometimes I’m just grumpy and shy. If I’m lucky I find clouds large enough for me to hide. When I’m out again everyone shows up to say hello! Flowers in the trees, swallows, children, and that little hedgehog too… In summer I am as strong as ever… I always stay up till late, you’ll never know if an old friend comes by... ----- In the hot days I can spend some time in the light, I have an old friend who’s always funny and bright.. But you know, my realm is the night… My friend always backs me up, reflecting his golden rays I make those autumn leaves shine as silver petals. If the inexpert hedgehog is caught by darkness too far from the den, I shine upon his path, for him to get home safe. I offer(provide) the most romantic sight to keep the hearts warm in the coldest of the nights.